Medverkar med bilder i Håkan Hellströms "Ps. Lycka till ikväll"
Telegram Förlag, Stockholm 2010.

Boken om Broder Daniel: When We Were Winning.
Danskt band, 158 s, 2009, Schibsted/Telegram, Stockholm.
ISBN10: 918618301X, ISBN13: 9789186183011

The new paperback edition. The first one sold out the whole print run of about 3000 copies.

No, I do not sell copies of the book myself. But you can find it in various book stores everywhere, or web shops like - usually it is cheaper on the web.
I DO sell some stuff though, most notably big handmade signed prints from my darkroom. I also accept assignments. Send an email for details.

(When I get the time I will add some more things on this page, like record covers and various stuff that got published over the years)
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